8 Simple Exercises You Can Do Right Now

Despite struggling for it too hard, Is it still troublesome for you to go for a workout every day? Your professional may be of the utmost importance, but you are required to make some time for a workout too. Otherwise, you may gain extra weight or may get out of the shape of your body.

Some of the easiest, simple and possible ways to do the workout without leaving your workplace or home are provided below:

Bend and Reach

Stand with straightening your spine, your feet together, and keeping your head up high. Take your arms to the maximum possible height to the sky, then gradually turn forward to hit the earth. Stay in this position until counting 20, then gently rise back to touch the sky again. Repeat this once again.


The best thing about push-ups is that it does not demand a proper place or a fixed time to be done. Do at least one or two sets each consisting on 10-15 push-ups, take a break of about half a minute in between each set. In this way, you will have a feel of warmth in your body.

Chair Hover

Stand by facing your chair forward and with your feet altogether. After it, turn your knees and come closer to the chair until your hip is about to hit the chair. Stay in this position awaiting burning of your legs. Stand straight for about half a minute to take a break, and do it again. In this way, you will have the feel of burn on your thighs.


Acquaint your abs and spine a little more extra love. Put yourself in the position of Plank and remain in this state for about half a minute. After taking a break for half a minute, repeat this planking for another half minute.

Seated Leg Extensions

Move your chair away from the table and while keeping your spine straight it, extend one of your legs. Stay in this position until the thigh can hold. After this switch the leg.

Shadow Box

Stand right up, put yourself in a stance of a boxer, and throw blows in the air. Do this for about 1 to two minutes, and you will feel the fire in your shoulders, arms, and lungs.

Wall Sits

Place your spine alongside to the adjacent wall, with keeping your heels high at about 18 inches from the edge. Come down by sliding the wall till you get in a position of sitting, and use the muscles of your leg to stay in that position. Within the time of about half a minute, you’ll get the fire.

Neck Rotations

Sit in a straight direction and bend your neck from crosswise. Shift to upward and downward, then move your head in circles. The blood flow to your head will lower headaches and increase brain functioning.

By following such healthy and easy to perform tips even without leaving your actual place, you will be able to perform well in the absence of the feeling of not doing regular exercising.