How To Build A Powerful Grip?

Hand grips are the most neglected part knowing that hand grip provides a basic role in lifting heavy weights in the gym. Good hand grip provides core power in lifting weights or pull-ups which mean that if you have the better grip, you can get more muscles on your body. People mostly use hand straps for more grip which results in lowering own hand grip strength and only relying on straps. People who rely on machine based work are not giving importance to their forearms and will have poor grip.

Stop wearing straps and other hand gripping tools during exercise

Using straps and other gripping aids in the gym does not help in improving your grip so you should stop wearing them and start putting effort into improving your hand grip. If you rely on straps for grip you are making your forearm weaker. Don’t use grips for few days and you will see improvements, and you will be able to lift more weight.

Types of grip strength exercises

Crush grip: It means you will have to close your hand and squeeze it like you do when you hold on to dumbbells.

Pinch grip: Pinching means holding our fingers, you will have to hold and squeeze objects with just your fingers.

Supporting Crush grip: You support most of the weight with crush grip, you do it daily by carrying shopping bags.

Extend hands: This is not gripping exercise, but it trains muscles which are used to grip objects.

There are many exercises to improve grip. Few are described below:

Torsion grippers

Hand grippers or torsion grippers are the best exercises which you can do any time when you are relaxing. They are the best to train your crush grip, and there are different levels available in the market. Tension starts from 60lbs to 360lbs, and they are easily accessible and are cheap. You should close it to maximum and repeat it. In the beginning, start with four sets of 10 repetitions with the 65lbs gripper and later move to hard grippers.

Plate pinching

You can strengthen your pinch grip by pinching plates. You can get weight plates of 5lb and pinch it up for 30 seconds and repeat it. Later increase the weight to get more strength.

Fat grips

For grip training, you can also use Fat grips. It can be used with any type of barbell, dumbbell, and any pull-up bar. Your hands will not close around the grip, and it will help you train your grip.

Barbell holds

You should grab the bar with double overhand grip and then stand. The goal here isn’t lifting the weight but to hold on to that weight.

Rope pull-ups

These are great for your hand grip. You just have to buy a small towel and put it on the pull-up bar. Do your routine pull ups using towel grips and you will observe how fast your forearms muscles are getting strengthened. It will be hard in the beginning but as your grip improves it will later be no issue to perform pull ups with a towel on the bar.