Foods To Consume After Overtraining

Overtraining can be very harmful at times. One should avoid getting over trained as it can tire you up and tears up your body muscles which take plenty of time to recover. It also has another outcome like fatigue, bulimic disorders, and unnatural weight loss. Today a lot of people overtrain due to unrealistic training goal without knowing that and they feel extra fatigue for several days then and may also tear up their muscles.

Why people over train?

Some people do not exercise while some regularly follow their fitness routine. Some people just want a good shape in less period of time and think that is they exercise vigorously they will get in shape n no time, but that is not the case. Our body has its limits. So one should try to have balance and patience to achieve their goals. The body needs time to recover from exercise, and one should provide that recovery time to enjoy exercise without getting tired.

How to know that you are over training?

When we start to exercise, we get tired. It takes the time to recover from pain but when we regularly exercise we later get used to it, and we do not feel tired anymore but if you are still feeling tired it means you have to cut some exercise as you are overtraining and hurting your body instead of getting in shape.

One should not ignore symptoms of overtraining and should try to recover from the damage. Following are the things you can eat to recover fast from over training:

Eat lots of proteins

Protein is the main item required for muscle building. It is required to repair the damaged muscles in your body caused by overtraining. Extra protein will give more amino acids and will help in recover from overtraining.

How to get extra protein?

Animal sources like fish, chicken and red meat have lots of protein in it. If you are overtrained, you should take fish like salmon or tuna. And also add chicken to your daily routine. Take grilled chicken breast in whatever way you want, in a sandwich, with salad or any way you like and also take fish with that regularly to recover fast from fatigue and tiredness due to overtraining.

The general rule about protein intake for a runner is 1.2 to 1.7 grams protein per kg of body weight. You can calculate your intake and plan your food accordingly.

Whey protein

Taking whey protein is very useful in recovering from overtraining. It is very beneficial, and you should take it in the morning. For breakfast, you should take Greek yogurt or milk with fruits. They will help in recovering.

You should also focus on taking one vegetable with each meal of yours. They will provide essential vitamins and minerals and will help in muscle building. You can refer to Aggregate Nutrient Density Index scoring system to find which vegetables you can use.


Quinoa is an important source of carbohydrates, and it also has dietary fibers with minerals vitamins and proteins. Quinoa is very important to post exercise food and must be taken within 30 minutes of your exercise. It will help recovering glycogen in the body and will reduce muscle stress.